Sneaker Defender

2 Sneaker Defenders / 2 Cleaning Pads / 4 Drag Pads

Sneaker Defender is clear and innovative film protecting sole of your lovely shoes against stains, rubbing, discoloration, and other harmful substances. It fits up to mens size US13 and can last up to many times safe wear with drag pads. Just cut-to-size and seal over the sole using external heat source from hair driers or heat gun to keep your outsole always fresh.


Things to be prepared

Scissors / Pen or Marker



1. Make sure soles clean and dry.
2. Use the cleaning pads to wipe the soles and edge of your shoes.
3. Lay the logo side of Sneaker Defender upwards and shoes on Sneaker Defender.
4. Use pen to trace the shoe pattern on defender.
5. Use scissor to cut out Sneaker Defender following the trace lines.
6. Peel the logo side of Sneaker Defender and apply clear side on the soles of your shoes.
7. Cut the drag pads to fit on both the heels and toes of your soles.
8. Stand for 72 hours before wearing.



1. For sneakers with flat soles, such as JORDAN 1, VANS, CONVERSE, refer to steps above for application.
2. When using heat gun, do not bake at certain area for more than 5 seconds.
3. In the case of shoes with complex sole, such as running shoes, high performance shoe, you do not need to cut the defender first. Apply defender on sole directly with heat gun and then cut the film to fit sole shape.
4. If you are worried about failure of application, please purchase our Sneaker Defender wrapping service on our shop.
5. Removing Sneaker Defender may leave residue. You can use alcohol cleaning pad to clean residue easily.