If you forget your account number, please contact us directly, we will solve the problem for you.
*If you don’t log in as the member at the first time of the purchase, it will not automatically become a member.
Please go to the member’s log in page and click “Forget my password?” button, then type your registered email account, the system will send you a password reset email. After clicking reset password, you will be taken to the Change Password page.
*If you do not receive the password reset letter, please check your spam mailbox. If you have not received it, please e-mail us at info@sneaker-mob.com and we will assist you.
After logging in, please click on the member icon to change your name and password in the account details column; Click on the address column to change your bill and shipping address.
If you are the member, please log in. You will be able to check the latest status at the backend order system; if you are not the member, we strongly recommend that remember your order number (#XXXXX), and contact us on the weekdays.
Payment method: convenience store payment, home delivery, credit card payment, PAYPAL payment, in which convenience store payment and home delivery payment is limited to Taiwan only.
PAYPAL payment is limited to overseas buyers.
You can pay in a lump sum with credit cards. Thanks.
In addition to the free shipping items in your order, there are other non-marked free shipping items, which are subject to shipping charges due to different shipping warehouses.
If the order does not contain non-free shipping items, the checkout still shows that you need to pay for shipping fees, please let us know by email: info@sneaker-mob.com, we will assist you.
Pick-up at convenience store has a volume limit, except for the PRIVATE LABEL BOMBER DUFFLE, 2 sets of sneaker boxes (including 2 sets*2 ), other than those, you can pick up your items at convenience stores.
If the quantity of the goods you ordered is large, it can't be sent by convenience store Dealer after evaluation. We will contact you to change the delivery to home delivery (the extra shipping fee is 40 NTD).
After the order is completed, it will appear “thank-you for your order” page, it means that the order is successfully purchased.
If you are a member, you can check the order status at the back-end order system; if you are not a member, please write down your order number. If you need to check the order status, please e-mail your order number to: info@sneaker-mob.com, we will assist you.
If you have any of the above requirements, please let us know by email: info@sneaker-mob.com, we will assist you.
Apart from the items are labeled as “Pre-order”, or “sold out”, other than those, the products are all in stock. If the stock is not enough for your order, we will contact you.
Pre-ordered products usually indicate the expected shipping date, and the actual shipping date is based on the arrival time of the products (in case of force majeure, Sneaker Mob retains the final right to ship the time).
If you purchase pre-ordered products, we will deliver the products to you right after its arrival; if there are pre-ordered and non-pre-ordered items in the order, they will be delivered together when the pre-ordered products arrive.
If you want to get non-pre-ordered products first, please separate the order.
When the products that are placed at the shopping cart but the item inventory function is not retained before the checkout, the inventory allocation will be based on the checkout order.
If you want to purchase high quantity of products, please contact: info@sneaker-mob.com, and provide the amount of the products that you are willing to purchase, we will assist you.
Due to the convenience store pickup process, it is linked to the convenience store order system, it’s not linked to Sneaker Mob system . After you complete the selection of the convenience store, if it suspend the service due to the store itself, you will not be able to change the store, sorry for the inconvenience!
You can cancel the order and order again to select the correct store.
Expect the pre-ordered products, the in stock products will be shipped 2-3 business days after the order is made (not shipped on holidays).
*Convenience store pick-up: it is about 2-3 working days to your selected store, in case of irresistible factors of natural disasters, some stores are closed for weekends, other special reasons and the offshore Islands, the actual delivery depends on the express service, we can’t guarantee the time of the arrival.

*Home delivery: Delivery to your designated address in about 1-2 working days. Due to the influence of weather in the offshore Islands area, the actual delivery depends on the express service, we can’t guarantee the time of the arrival.

*SF Express delivery: In the case of flight and customs clearance, the fastest delivery time is about 1 working day. The actual delivery status is mainly depended by SF Express.
After the products arrive on the first day and the third day at the store, convenience store will send a SMS to notify you to pick up the products. If you do not receive the SMS, the possible reasons are as follows:
the phone number is incorrectly filled when the order is placed, the phone is not turned on for a long time, the reception is not satisfactory, the mobile phone message storage capacity is full, the phone number is wrong, and the telecom company applies for "rejected advertisement", " Rejecting corporate newsletters, services, etc.
The time limit for the pickup of the products is 7 days after the arrival of the goods. If it exceeds 7 days, the goods will be returned. If you still need this products, please place your order again.
Please note the expected arrival date and arrival time in the order column before placing the order (morning: before 13:00, afternoon: 14:00-18:00, no evening time).
Please do not specify the exact time (for example, 12 noon). The detailed delivery time should be based on the delivery route and status of the express driver.
If you are not home on the day of the delivery, it will be delivered again on the next day. Please pay attention to the call.
Except for Penghu Magong, Penghu Xiyu, Jinmen Jinsha, Jinmen Jinhu, Jinmen Jinning, Jinmen Jincheng, the rest of the area can not choose the cash on delivery payment, you need to complete the payment first (the actual situation is subject to the internal announcement of the home delivery express company).
If you would like to use the transfer / remittance, please contact us on the working day, we will assist you.
SF will charge a residential surcharge of HK$20 for shipments of Hong Kong residential addresses. If the residential address is located in a remote area, it will only charge a surcharge of HK$30 in remote areas.
For payment in foreign currency, the amount receivable shall be calculated based on the current month's exchange rate based on HK$20. * If it needs to pay the products’ tax by the government, it is paid by the buyer.
If you receive defective or wrong goods, please contact SNEAKER MOB directly, we will solve the problems for you, the extra shipping fee is paid by SNEAKER MOB.
Sneaker repellent, 2 sets of Sneaker repellent, clean+defender all purpose value pack can’t be shipped overseas. Please understand it before placing the order.
If overseas buyers want to buy shoe boxes, the size of the shoe box is large and the shipping cost is different. Please contact info@sneaker-mob.com directly for purchase.
SNEAKER MOB Taoyuan Head Office provides sales service.
If you live in other city, please check the retails shops throughout Taiwan. We strongly recommended to call the retailers to confirm the products that you want to buy is in stock or not.
Authorized approval to submit an electronic invoice in accordance with the approval of the competent authority
Approval authority: Ministry of Finance North District National Taxation Bureau, Taoyuan Branch
Approved document number: North District National Tax Taoyuan Pin No. 1081093250
Approval date: starts from 4/15/2019
After the invoice is issued, you will get notified via the E-mail, please be sure to enter the correct E-mail.
Customers can print the own electronic invoice certificate, and they can use this certificate to reimburse to the company.
On the 29th of the month, the system will automatically check receipt IDs for lottery service matches (except for printed papers/ donated/ deprecated/ invoices with VAT), and send notifications to winners' email addresses. Customers can go directly to print the invoice at IBON, printing fees will be paid by the company.
If you choose to donate the invoice at the time of ordering, according to the law, the donated invoice cannot be recovered. If there is a product return request, the invoice will be directly revoked.
Sneaker Mob cleaner is made of 95% natural ingredients. Manily made of coconut oil, top jojoba oil extract, and natural high class rosewood essential oil. PH is in between of 9-9.5. It is a neutral cleaner and is less likely to harm the shoes.
It is suitable for all materials, including Leather, suede, polished cowhide, nylon, canvas, plastic, rubber, cloth, etc.
Due to the different materials and levels of various suede and polished cowhide, the cleaning effect is unpredictable. Firstly, it is recommended that you test it in an inconspicuous place. In addition, we do not recommend cleaning the dyed suede, as the dyed suede may fade when in contact with water. The results of cleaning suede and ground leather are different and the risk of use must be borne by yourself. To avoid cross-dyeing, clean only the same color part when cleaning. After cleaning the same color, rinse the bristles with water and clean the next color.
The hardening of the suede upper is caused by the fine hair knot on the surface of the suede. Therefore, after cleaning the suede material sneakers, the Sneaker Mob top horse hair brush will be used to comb the fine hair in the same direction, and then dry naturally.
Generally, the soil and oil stains can be effectively cleaned.
No, the yellowing of the shoes is caused by the oxidation of the rubber, not the surface dirt.
When cleaning the horse hair brush, the part of the handle should not be soaked in water. Because the handle of the wood is soaked in water, it will cause the wood to swell and swell. Brushing is strongly recommended to be cleaned with water.
The shoes that are often worn are replenished for about half a month, and the ones that are not often worn can be refilled for one month.
We do not recommend that spraying on products that are in direct contact with the human body. People with allergies are prone to redness and swelling.
You can first snap the upper switch card into the door frame. Then align the two lower tabs at the joints, and use the thumbs of the left and right hands to lightly place the two cassettes below, then gently press down.
In order to maintain a transparent door piece, we can clearly see the shoes from outside, we must give up the malleable material such as PP.
The door piece will be slightly scratched because the acrylic door piece is hand-sealed after it is shot, so it will be slightly scratched. Scratches do not affect the aesthetics of the placement.
There are two holes under the shoe box, it has a certain ventilation function and no moisture-proof function. If you want to prevent moisture, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier regularly.
There are many factors that affect rapid spalling, including the cleanliness/dryness of the shoes before the complementary color and the thickness of the coating. But don't worry, because the coating is quite thin, so it can be replenished after peeling.